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Monday, July 24, 2017

Jared Kushner's Lessons on Time Management.

Lesson 1, accept meeting invitations without knowing the purpose of the meeting:

In his prepared remarks to investigators, Mr. Kushner said he had been unaware that a June 2016 meeting he attended at Trump Tower was set up in the hope that a Russian lawyer would provide the Trump campaign with damaging information about Mrs. Clinton.


Mr. Kushner, who gave his statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday, said he went to the meeting at the request of the presidentís eldest son, Donald J. Trump Jr. Mr. Kushner said he did not read an email forwarded by the younger Mr. Trump saying that the Russian government was providing dirt about Mrs. Clinton as part of its effort to help the Trump campaign.

Kinda weird, huh? They'd just sewn up the nomination, and with the limited time between June and November, he's not full bore on maximizing the use of his time. Maybe, since he's into real estate, I could interest him in a bridge.

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