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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New York spares Kobach the indignity of filing a FOIA request.

I don't know actually if filing a FOIA request makes you less dignified; perhaps it earns you Angry Young Man protest points, and it takes away a few moments in the news cycle if an agency says ok whatevs?

But the Great State of New York has now decided to comply with Kobach's Purge the Democratic Voters Commission... to an extent: only giving them what they could get through a FOIA.

I'm actually pretty OK with this. As every parent knows when dealing with a child, you have to choose your battles. If the kid wants a sandwich made of peanut butter and hamburger relish, give way. (It's actually pretty good, and you shouldn't let your preconceptions rule here.) We can let this one go.

But we will be vigilant. When the Beacons of Gondor need to be lit, they will be lit. This ain't that.

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