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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Where to begin, and hope to touch all the points which anger me so?

  • The concept that a bunch of white people would think that their race needs to be defended?
  • So strongly, that they feel they have to assemble en masse, with many crossing the continent in order to do so?
  • And brazenly carrying Nazi flags, and seig heiling? That's how they register the slight over the removal of a statue of Lee?
  • Or that the local police would not intervene, allowing clashes between the Unite the Right marchers and counter-protesters to escalate to a general emergency? People were bloodied and maimed, and an Ohio man is accused of driving his car into counter-protesters, killing one.
  • Or our President, who reacts with nothing more than greeting-card content, and refuses to call out White Supremacy for the awful movement which it is?
  • Our Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who defended the inactions of the police by noting that "not a shot was fired" -- I mean, that's the criterion for demonstrating that the people were protected?

Obviously all of this is part of America, because it happened, it all really happened. "No true Scottsman" is a logical fallacy no matter if you apply it to the Scots or to us; you cannot say "this is not who we are." This element has been with us throughout our entire history, and in all likelihood will remain with us. We understood what that whining woman at the Town Hall meant when she weeped "I want my country baack." Unfortunately our current President, a birther, gave the mistrust of Obama legitimacy, and now has done it for the racists with his milquetoast statement yesterday.

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