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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Is Governor Cuomo a charade?

So there are rhetorical questions... hypothetical questions... Is there an adjective for questions which invite an immediate "yes"? I don't mean "stupid," I mean an adjective of four or more syllables which make the obvious a bit more high stylish. Unlike, "No duh."

Because we have a history here in New York of Andrew Cuomo grandstanding: forging ahead with plans for the Tappan Zee Bridge without adequate funding; grand plans for area airports; driving across a new span of the Kosciuszko Bridge in FDR's 1932 Packard because, uh, reasons, of course; and pushing for the opening of the long-awaited "2nd Avenue Subway" to open this past January 1. (Not sure, but I think the significance of January 1 has something to do with Jesus's bris, as there is a hymn called "Were You There When They Circumcised My Lord.") We've not only learned since the opening that all the safety checks hadn't been finished. NOW we learn that the smoke detectors have been disabled since May.

I assume I don't need to remind you that since mid September, 16 years ago, people in this area have become more conscious of disaster planning. For some reason, adequate preparations on our subway have been ignored in the interest of 76 trombones or something. (Not in general but seemingly in the interest of launching a "not ready for prime time" transit corridor.)

If Cuomo has an eye on the Presidency, he needs to get the nomination. With my sense of his handling of infrastructure I've alluded to here, as well as his kid glove handling of corruption (discussed elsewhere here with respect to Zephyr Teachout's challenge to him), I don't think I'd vote for Mr. Ed over Cuomo, but he'd be very low on my list.

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