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Friday, November 10, 2017

How low will you go for party loyalty?

Spy Magazine was one of the greatest publications on the planet. Ever. Bigger and more important than the Rosetta Stone. They did so many hilarious things, such as suckering PR firms into pitching for business from a (fictional) fast food restauarant called "Bunny Burgers." Seriously. Well, they weren't serious but they seriously did it. But one of the funniest things they did was send celebrities checks for very tiny amounts, slowly increasing the value, to see what each person's threshold was for bothering to cash the check.

Our current President's threshold, for instance, was $0.13.

We are witnessing Republicans doing this to themselves, but instead of waiting for a satisfying check amount, they are all doing the limbo, working really hard to get under that continually lowering bar. I mean, some must have really held their nose about a year ago, voting for the candidate that trumpeted sexually assaulting women, mocked a disabled reporter, and complained that McCain was less deserving because he was captured. So they already went that low.

Some are showing spine over Roy Moore, the GOP nominee for the US Senate from Alabama. But many are not. As the NYT's David Leonhart has pointed out, many in the GOP are sheltering in a hypothetical "if true" he should go, knowing that additional evidence is unavailable and unlikely to add certainty, since Moore will likely continue to deny the charges of his interest in young teenagers.

So the limbo will continue. Will Republican voters vote for Moore? Will charges of pedophilia be insufficient to change the election outcome?

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