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302. Anonymity; Secrecy
Boswell: "Supposing the person who wrote Junius were asked whether he was the authour, might he deny it?" Johnson: "I don't know what to say to this. If you were sure that he wrote Junius, would you, if he denied it, think as well of him afterwards? Yet it may be urged, that what a man has no right to ask, you may refuse to communicate; and there is no other effectual mode of preserving a secret, and an important secret, the discovery of which may be very hurtful to you, but a flat denial; for if you are silent, or hesitate, or evade, it will be held equivalent to a confession. But stay, Sir; here is another case. Supposing the authour had told me confidentially that he had written Junius, and I were asked if he had, I should hold myself at liberty to deny it, as being under a previous promise, express or implied, to conceal it. Now what I ought to do for the authour, may I not do for myself?"
Boswell: Life

400. Anonymity; Secrecy
"Junius burst into notice with a blaze of impudence which has rarely glared upon the world before, and drew the rabble after him, as a monster makes a show. When he had provided for his safety, by impenetrable secrecy, he had nothing to combat but truth and justice, enemies whom he knows to be feeble in the dark. Being then at liberty to indulge himself in all the immunities of invisibility; out of reach of danger, he has been bold; out of the reach of shame, he has been confident."
Johnson: Thoughts on the Late Transactions Respecting Falkland's Islands

673. Anonymity; Literary Property
On his knowledge of the status of some sermons he had ghost- written for others: "I have been paid for them, and have no right to inquire about them."
Sir John Hawkins: The Life Of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.

1,291. Anonymity
"It is indeed not easy for any man to write upon literature or common life so as not to make himself known to those with whom he familiarly converses, and who are acquainted with his track of study, his favourite topicks, his peculiar notions, and his habitual phrases."
Johnson: Addison (Lives of the Poets)

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