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  • These tips really help!
    • Check your spelling! Incorrectly spelled search terms lead to "zero" results, unless I've made a typo.
    • British spellings frequently use the letter "u" in words such as "labour". Try first with the u.
    • Try your search without quotation marks, using only two or three words you're really confident in.
    • Don't include a ? where you think a word belongs. You'll get no results, because the search engine looks for the question mark.

    Some results will take you to Johnson writings over at Jack Lynch's web site, thanks to his co-operation for your benefit.

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    If you can't find what you were looking for, email me. I have a lot on my shelves which isn't up yet, and can probably help you. (One day someone searched about 40 times for something which was not on the site but which I quickly found...)