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254. Goodness
Burke: "From the experience which I have had, -- and I have had a great deal, --I have learnt to think better of mankind." Johnson: "From my experience I have found them worse in commercial dealings, more disposed to cheat, than I had any notion of; but more disposed to do another good than I had conceived." Gibbon: "Less just and more beneficent." Johnson: "And really it is wonderful, considering how much attention is necessary for men to take care of themselves, and ward off immediate evils which press upon them, it is wonderful how much they do for others. As it is said of the greatest liar, that he tells more truth than falsehood; so it may be said of the worst man, that he does more good than evil."
Boswell: Life

898. Goodness; Innocence; Suspicion
"As it is necessary not to invite robbery by supineness, so it is our duty not to suppress tenderness by suspicion; it is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust."
Johnson: Rambler #79 (December 18, 1750)

963. Advice; Goodness; Happiness; Life
"Little would be wanting to the happiness of life, if every man could conform to the right as soon as he was shown it."
Johnson: Rambler #87 (January 15, 1751)

1,012. Community; Goodness; Society
"If man were to feel no incentives to kindness, more than his general tendency to congenial nature, Babylon or London, with all their multitudes, would have to him the desolation of a wilderness; his affections, not compressed into a narrower compass, would vanish like elemental fire, in boundless evaporation; he would languish in perpetual insensibility, and though he might, perhaps, in the first vigour of youth, amuse himself with the fresh enjoyments of life, yet, when curiosity should cease, and alacrity subside, he would abandon himself to the fluctuations of chance, without expecting help against any calamity, or feeling any wish for the happiness of others."
Johnson: Rambler #99 (February 26, 1751)

The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
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