Quotes on Gratitude
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Virtue and Vice

6. Gratitude
Mr. Andrew Millar, a bookseller in the Strand, took the principal charge of conducting the publication of Johnson's Dictionary... When the messenger who carried the last sheet to Millar returned, Johnson asked him, "Well, what did he say?" -- "Sir, (answered the messenger) he said, thank GOD I have done with him." "I am glad (replied Johnson, with a smile,) that he thanks GOD for any thing."
Boswell: Life

1,246. Gratitude; Happiness
"The good of our present state is merely comparative, and the evil which every man feels will be sufficient to disturb and harass him if he does not know how much he escapes."
Johnson: Rambler #150 (August 24, 1751)

The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
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