Quotes on Hesitation
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1,277. Caution; Hesitation
"There are not many situations more incessantly uneasy than that in which the man is placed who is watching an opportunity to speak without courage to take it when it is offered, and who, though he resolves to give a specimen of his abilities, always finds some reason or other for delaying it to the next minute."
Johnson: Rambler #157 (September 17, 1751)

1,283. Hesitation; Shyness
"Bashfulness, however it may incommode for a moment, scarcely ever produces evils of long continuance; it may flush the cheek, flutter in the heart, deject the eyes, and enchain the tongue, but its mischiefs soon pass off without remembrance. It may sometimes exclude pleasure, but seldom opens any avenue to sorrow or remorse. It is observed somewhere, that few have repented of having forborne to speak."
Johnson: Rambler #159 (September 24, 1751)

The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
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