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684. Identification; Sympathy
"All joy or sorrow for the happiness or calamities of others is produced by an act of the imagination, that realizes the event however fictitious, or approximates it however remote, by placing us, for a time, in the condition of him whose fortune we contemplate; so that we feel, while the decision lasts, whatever motions would be excited by the same good or evil happening to ourselves."
Johnson: Rambler #60 (October 13, 1750)

1,018. Identification; Praise; Pride In Work
"Every man loves merit of the same kind with his own, when it is not likely to hinder his advancement or his reputation; for he not only best understands the worth of those qualities which he labours to cultivate, or the usefulness of the art which he practises with success, but always feels a reflected pleasure from the praises which, though given to another, belong equally to himself."
Johnson: Rambler #99 (February 26, 1751)

1,049. Identification; Reading
"The plan of Paradise Lost has this inconvenience, that it comprises neither human actions nor human manners. The man and woman who act and suffer are in a state which no other man or woman can ever know. The reader finds no transaction in which he can be engaged, beholds no condition in which he can by any effort of imagination place himself; he has, therefore, little natural curiosity or sympathy."
Johnson: Milton (Lives of the Poets)

1,173. Apathy; Humanity; Identification; Life
"Every class of society has its cant of lamentation, which is understood or regarded by none but themselves; and every part of life has its uneasiness, which those who do not feel them will not commiserate. An event which spreads distraction over half the commercial world, assembles the trading companies in councils and committees, and shakes the nerves of a thousand stockjobbers, is read by the landlord and the farmer with frigid indifference."
Johnson: Rambler #128 (June 8, 1751)

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