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  • Samuel Johnson Sites

    • Jack Lynch's Samuel Johnson page. A great page. Constant thanks!
    • Johnson's Dictionary Online: Created by a team of scholars at the University of Central Florida with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Johnson's Dictionary Online is the first fully searchable online edition of Johnsonís 1755 A Dictionary of the English Language and will eventually include the 1775 folio edition. The dictionary is open-access and includes a variety of search features, with more being added regularly.
    • The Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum
    • Dr. Johnson's House (website for his house/museum in Gough Square, London)
    • Britain's National Portrait Gallery has pages devoted to portraits of Johnson as well as Sir Joshua Reynolds, Johnson's good friend and member of the Club.
    • Literatis "is based (very) loosely on the life, times and works of Samuel Johnson - Doctor Johnson of English Dictionary fame. The site will be updated regularly with issues of The Rambler..."
    • There is a Samuel Johnson discussion group at
    • The Society of Archbishop Justus has a very good bio and discussion of Johnson's religious thinking on its Johnso n page.
    • Monboddo's takes a step back from Johnson and surveys a circle of Boswell, Piozzi, and Johnson. There are some special treats, such as his summaries of Rambler and Idler essays, and his book collection (in effect, a pretty impressive bibliography). And now, there's A James Boswell Guide, too, hosted by Thomas Frandzen.
    • Have you visited Jim Tipton's Find-A-Grave yet? He has a photo of Johnson's grave there.
    • The Thrale family line is still thriving. David Thrale has a web site devoted to the family at Within it you'll find a section on Henry and Hester.

    Samuel Johnson Societies:

    Other Quotations Sites:

    • Maybe Samuel Johnson didn't say what you were looking for? You might find something similar through The Quotations Page, a very comprehensive gateway to many quotations and resources.

    For Further Reading:

    For further reading on/by Samuel Johnson, visit the Books page on this website.

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